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§ 5-102. Determination of rights, status or other legal relations; exceptions.
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The Osage Nation Trial Court may, in cases of actual controversy, determine rights, status, or other legal relations, including but not limited to a determination of the construction or validity of any foreign judgment or decree, deed, contract, trust, or other instrument or agreement or of any statute or other governmental regulation, whether or not other relief is or could be claimed, except that no declaration shall be made concerning liability or nonliability for damages on account of alleged tortious injuries to persons or to property either before or after judgment or for compensation alleged to be due under worker’s compensation laws for injuries to persons. The determination may be made only after there has been a breach of any legal duty or obligation, and it may be either affirmative or negative in form and effect, provided however, that the Court may refuse to make a determination where the judgment, if rendered, would not terminate the controversy, or some part thereof, giving rise to the proceeding. ONCA 12-103, eff. Sept. 27, 2012.