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A fee as set out by the Court Clerk shall be charged and collected for the filing of the affidavit for the commencement of any action under the Small Claims Procedure Act. For the filing of any counterclaim or setoff, fees shall be charged and collected pursuant a fee schedule set out by the Court Clerk. If the affidavit and order are served by the Osage Nation Police Department or a licensed private process server, the Court Clerk shall collect the usual fee for the Osage Nation Police Department, which shall be taxed as costs in the case. The fee paid to a licensed private process server, as approved by the Court, shall be taxed as additional costs in the case. After judgment, the Court Clerk shall issue such process and shall be entitled to collect only such fees and charges as are allowed by law for like services in other actions. Any statute providing for an award of attorney fees shall be applicable to the small claims division if the attorney makes an appearance in the case, whether before or after judgment or on hearing for disclosure of assets. ONCA 12-104, eff. Sept. 28, 2012.