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Terms used in this Act have the following meaning:

A. Articles of operation” means an agreement in writing among all of the members as to the conduct of the business of a limited liability company and its relationships with its members. The term has the same general meaning as the term “Operating Agreement” under the Uniform Limited Liability Act, and LLCs in which the Nation is not the sole member may use the latter term if their articles of operation so state.

B. Articles of organization” means the articles filed under 4 ONC § 2-201 and those articles as amended or restated.

C. Corporation” means a “domestic corporation” for-profit organized under the laws of the Osage Nation and a foreign corporation formed under the laws of any other jurisdiction.

D. Court” means the Trial Court of the Osage Nation and, for appellate review, the Supreme Court of the Osage Nation as established under Article VIII of the Osage Nation Constitution.

E. Distribution” means a direct or indirect transfer by a limited liability company of money or other property to or for the benefit of its members in respect of their interests.

F. Entity” includes an individual, a general partnership, limited partnership, a domestic or foreign limited liability company, a trust, an estate, an association, a corporation, the Nation, or any other legal or commercial entity.

G. Foreign” refers to limited liability companies, corporations and limited partnerships organized under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the Osage Nation.

H. Legislature” means the Osage Nation Congress.

I. Limited liability company” or “domestic limited liability company” means an organization formed under this chapter, except as provided for in Section 2-801(A) of this Title.

J. Limited liability company interest” or “interest in the limited liability company” or “member’s interest” means a member’s rights in the limited liability company, including rights to distributions, profits and losses, and to participate in management, as specified in the articles of operation.

K. LLC” means a limited liability company.

L. Majority in interest” means members contributing more than fifty percent (50%) of the value of total capital contributions to the limited liability company excluding any interest which is not to be counted as voting on a matter as described elsewhere in this Act.

M. Manager” or “managers” means the person(s) or entity(ies) designated to manage the LLC pursuant to the articles of organization and articles of operation.

N. Member” means a person who has been admitted to membership in a limited liability company and who has not dissociated from the limited liability company.

O. Nation” means the Osage Nation.

P. Organizer(s)” means the person(s) or entity(ies) which signs and delivers the articles of organization for filing to the Office of the Secretary of the Osage Nation.

Q. Osage Nation Congress” means the Legislative Branch of the government of the Osage Nation as established under Article VI of the Osage Nation Constitution.

R. Reservation” means the Osage Nation Reservation, duly established by the Congress of the United States pursuant to: (1) the Treaty between the United States of America and the Great and Little Osage Indians, Sept. 29, 1865, 14 Stat. 687; (2) Article 16 of the Treaty between the United States of America and the Cherokee Nation of Indians, July 19, 1866, 14 Stat. 799; and (3) the Act of June 5, 1872, ch. 310, 17 Stat. 228 (An Act to Confirm to the Great and Little Osage Indians a Reservation in the Indian Territory).

S. Secretary of the Osage Nation” means an individual duly appointed by the Executive Branch of the Nation to serve in the administrative capacity as outlined in this chapter with all the rights, duties, obligations, and authority as provided in this chapter.

T. State” includes a state, territory, or possession of the United States and the District of Columbia.

U. Trust land” means land held in trust by the United States for the benefit of the Osage Nation or its members. ONCA 08-02, eff. June 13, 2008.