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A. The surviving LLC shall deliver to the Secretary of the Osage Nation articles of merger, executed by each party to the plan of merger, that include all of the following:

1. The name and state or jurisdiction of organization for each LLC that is to merge.

2. The plan of merger.

3. The name of the surviving or resulting LLC.

4. A statement as to whether the management of the surviving LLC will be reserved to its members or vested in one or more managers.

5. The delayed effective date of the merger under Section 2-111(D) of this Title, if applicable.

6. A statement as to whether the Nation is the sole member.

7. If the Nation is sole member, a statement as to whether the LLC enjoys the Nation’s sovereign immunity.

8. A statement that the plan of merger was approved under Section 2-802 of this Title.

B. A merger takes effect upon the effective date of the articles of merger. ONCA 08-02, eff. June 13, 2008.