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A. The Osage Nation has existed as an independent, sovereign nation since time immemorial. Today the Nation continues to govern the Osage Indian Reservation limited only in its authority by its Constitution and the Constitution and laws of the United States.

B. The Osage Legislature is the governing legislative body of the Osage Nation in accordance with the authority of its Constitution. The Legislature is responsible for economic development on the Reservation and seeks to ensure that residents of the Reservation enjoy adequate employment, health care, education opportunities, social services, and other governmental services.

C. It is the policy of the Nation to promote economic development on the Reservation. To achieve that goal, the Nation is adopting a business license scheme to identify and regulate all applicable persons and entities doing business on the Reservation.

D. The Osage Nation has a primary interest in regulating the conduct of business and trade on the Osage Indian Reservation. It is therefore appropriate that all persons who exercise the privilege of engaging in business on the Osage Indian Reservation register and obtain a business license from the Osage Nation through its Tax Commission. ONCA 07-40, eff. June 22, 2007.