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A. If any person doing business on the Reservation who has been directed by the Osage Judiciary to cease doing business on the Reservation, either pursuant to this Code or any other Osage Nation law, fails to comply, then the Business License Department shall petition the Osage Judiciary for, or the Court on its own motion shall issue, a show cause order as to why the said business shall not be excluded from the Reservation. The Osage Judiciary shall hold a hearing upon the matter as soon as possible. If the person fails to appear or fails to show good cause, the Osage Judiciary shall order the Nation Police to take appropriate actions.

B. In conjunction with subsection (A) of this section, where the person(s) engaging in business are not members of the Osage Nation, the Osage Judiciary shall order the Police to physically remove all person(s) operating the business from the Reservation along with any personal property that can be removed without causing permanent damage to it. For property that cannot be removed, such as a building, the Osage Judiciary shall order, and the Police shall implement, the incapacitation of said property by padlocking or other means so that it can no longer be used to carry out the business. ONCA 07-40, eff. June 22, 2007.