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Any person excluded, incapacitated or prohibited from doing business on the Reservation may be granted a new business license to engage in business activity on the Reservation if:

A. No less than six months have passed since the date of the exclusion or incapacitation order; and/or

B. The person has paid all costs incurred by the Nation in carrying out the exclusion or incapacitation order, and has paid such civil fines as the Osage Judiciary deems appropriate, but not to exceed Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00);

C. Notwithstanding subsection (A) of this section, the Business License Department may, for good cause, deny such licensee a new license, may attach such conditions as it deems appropriate upon granting a license, or may waive or mitigate the provisions of subsection (A) of this section. ONCA 07-40, eff. June 22, 2007.