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Nonprofit corporations formed under this Code are separate from and independent of the Osage Nation, and as such are not directly subject to Osage Nation laws regarding business and nonbusiness boards, government entities and public bodies. However, because of the special status and relationship with the Nation of public purpose corporations, they shall be subject to the Osage Nation: (A) Business, Commission and Advisory Boards Act, (B) Ethics Law, (C) Open Meetings Act, and (D) Open Records Act, except to the extent (1) a particular public purpose corporation is expressly exempted from the application of all or any portion of any such law, (2) the application of any such law to such public purpose corporation is expressly limited in any manner, or (3) the interpretation of such law as applied to such public purpose corporation is expressly modified or clarified in any manner by or in the articles of incorporation of such public purpose corporation, or any amendment thereto, approved by the Principal Chief and Congress of the Osage Nation as provided in Section 6-704. ONCA 21-27, eff. Apr. 6, 2021.