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A. Any owner or person authorized by the owner may, for prosecution purposes, take into custody and detain, in a reasonable manner, for a reasonable length of time, any person when he or she reasonably believes that a violation of Sections 1-117.0 through 1-117.9 has been or is being committed, and he or she reasonably believes that the person to be taken into custody and detained has committed or is committing such violation.

B. In the event a person is taken into custody, a law enforcement officer shall be called as soon as is practicable after the person has been taken into custody.

C. The taking into custody and detention by such person, if done in compliance with the requirements of this section, shall not render such person criminally or civilly liable for false arrest, false imprisonment, or unlawful detention. ONCA 22-51, eff. Apr. 14, 2022.