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A. Sections 1-117.0 through 1-117.9 shall not apply to peace officers or any federal, state, or local government employees engaged in the performance of their duties or to any firefighters, emergency medical personnel, or public utility employees engaged in addressing an emergency that presents an imminent danger to health, safety, or the environment in the performance of their duties.

B. Sections 1-117.0 through 1-117.9 shall not apply to parties lawfully engaged and with proper authorization in oil and gas operations, which shall include, without limitation, exploration, drilling, production, and sales activities, under authority of mineral ownership, an oil and gas lease, seismic agreement or permit, gas gathering, purchase, transportation, or treating contracts, Corporation Commission order, or other lawful authority from persons entitled to give the same.

C. The following persons may enter such land of another unless forbidden to do so, either orally or in writing, by the owner or lawful occupier thereof: process servers, registered land surveyors, and registered professional engineers for the purpose of land surveying in the performance of their professional services; persons making a delivery, selling a product or service, conducting a survey or poll, working on behalf of a candidate for political office, or who otherwise have a legitimate reason for entering and who, immediately upon entering, seek to conduct such business.

D. The provisions of Sections 1-117.0 through 1-117.9 shall not prohibit railroad employees and emergency equipment from entering such land to restore rail service following an accident, derailment, or natural disaster; nor the entrance of utility employees or contractors while acting in the scope of their employment; nor employees or contractors of valid easement or license holders while acting in the scope of their employment. ONCA 22-51, eff. Apr. 14, 2022.