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A. No person shall knowingly set or allow domestic debris burning, or prescribed burning unless he or she has a valid permit from the Osage Nation. No burning shall be conducted pursuant to such permit without specific Department approval consistent with the Osage Nation Code. Burning conducted pursuant to each permit must comply with all conditions specified on the permit.

B. The form of burning permits shall be prepared by the Wildland Fire Department of the Osage Nation in consultation with the designated agencies.

C. Permits issued by the Osage Nation shall be subject to these guidelines and to the rules and regulations of the Wildland Fire Department of the Osage Nation.

D. Each applicant for a permit shall provide information required by the Wildland Fire Department of the Osage Nation for fire protection purposes.

E. Fires solely for cultural or ceremonial purposes do not require a burn permit.

F. Unlawful burning without a permit shall be punishable by imprisonment in the Tribal Jail for a term not more than three months, or a civil penalty of not more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for the first offense, nor more than Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00) for each subsequent offense, or both. Further, any violation of this section shall be subject to damages in an amount equal to and not exceeding the cost of reimbursing all responders. ONCA 16-78, eff. Sept. 29, 2016.