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A. Notwithstanding that jurisdiction may lie elsewhere for investigation and prosecution of a crime of identity theft, victims of identity theft have the right to contact the Osage Nation Police Department as long as the victim is domiciled within the Osage Nation, and have an incident report about the identity theft prepared and filed. The Osage Nation Police Department that prepares and files the incident report shall, upon request, provide the victim with a copy of the incident report. The Osage Nation Police Department may share the incident report with law enforcement agencies located in other jurisdictions. For purposes of this section, “incident report” means a loss or other similar report prepared and filed by a local law enforcement agency.

B. Nothing in this section shall interfere with the discretion of a local law enforcement agency to allocate resources for investigations of crimes. An incident report prepared and filed pursuant to this section shall not be an open case for purposes of compiling open case statistics. ONCA 13-25, eff. Apr. 19, 2013.