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A. Any person who, with intent to do bodily harm and without justifiable or excusable cause, commits any assault upon the person of another with any sharp or dangerous weapon, or who, without such cause, shoots at another, with any kind of firearm, air gun, conductive energy weapon or other means whatsoever, with intent to injure any person, although without the intent to kill such person or to commit any crime, upon conviction is guilty of the crime assault with a dangerous weapon.

B. Any person convicted of committing the criminal offense of assault with a dangerous weapon shall be guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment in the Tribal Jail not exceeding three years, by a fine not exceeding Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00), by banishment for a period not less than five years nor more than life, or any combination of the above. ONCA 22-33, eff. Apr. 25, 2022.