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A. For purposes of Sections 2-631 and 2-632, “spouse” means any married persons, including common law marriages evidenced by, at the time of the crime: (1) an actual, mutual, and continuing agreement between the spouses to be husband and wife (or otherwise as spouses); (2) cohabitation; and (3) the spouses presenting themselves as married within their community.

B. Any individual who has sufficient ability to provide for his or her spouse’s support, or who is able to earn the means of such spouse’s support, who willfully abandons and leaves his or her spouse in a destitute condition, or who refuses or neglects to provide such spouse with necessary food, clothing, shelter, or medical attendance, unless by such spouse’s conduct the individual was justified in abandoning such spouse, is guilty of the criminal offense of spousal neglect.

C. Any person convicted of committing the criminal offense of spousal neglect shall be guilty of a crime punishable by imprisonment in the Tribal Jail for not more than six months, by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), or by both such imprisonment and fine. ONCA 22-33, eff. Apr. 25, 2022.