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A. It shall be unlawful for any person under sentence of banishment during the term of such banishment to:

1. Physically return to the territorial jurisdiction of the Nation except while actually traveling upon a public highway, or as allowed by law; or

2. Apply for or attempt to claim any right, privilege or immunity by virtue of membership in the Nation except as provided by law.

B. Unlawful return of banished persons shall be punishable by a fine of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), and by a term of imprisonment in the Tribal Jail for a term not to exceed one year, and by banishment for a term equal to the original term of banishment which was violated.

C. In addition, any personal property of every kind and description which the banished person brought with him or used to return to Nation jurisdiction shall be contraband and forfeited to the Nation, by civil forfeiture provided, that if any of said property belongs to another, that person, if known, shall be served with civil process, as in forfeiture proceedings, and may defend by showing that the banished person did not have permission to use or possess the property or to enter the Osage Nation jurisdiction with that property.