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A. Findings. The Osage Nation Congress finds that:

1. Methamphetamine use and addiction have reached epidemic proportions;

2. The nature and cycle of methamphetamine use and addiction have many negative and severe impacts on the livability of communities and villages throughout the Osage Reservation including, but not limited to:

a. Endangering children exposed to a methamphetamine laboratory or methamphetamine house environment;

b. Increasing the rate of property crimes such as theft, identity theft, and burglary;

c. Increasing the rate of violent crimes such as homicide, robbery, assault, and sexual abuse;

d. Creation and dumping of toxic waste from methamphetamine laboratories on Indian trust and restricted lands and other lands within the territorial jurisdiction of the Osage Nation; and

e. Methamphetamine-induced mental illness, psychosis, and death.

3. Recent developments in methamphetamine manufacturing methods, purity levels, and methods of ingestion have substantially contributed to the extremely addictive nature and expanded use of methamphetamine; and

4. Osage Nation prevention, enforcement and treatment providers need to work together in an effort to raise community awareness about methamphetamine and to reduce its use, manufacturing, and distribution.

B. Purpose. The purposes of this Act are as follows:

1. To control precursor substances consistent with Osage Nation law;

2. To reduce the harm that methamphetamine and its manufacturers are inflicting on individuals, families, communities, villages, first responders, the economy, and the environment;

3. To make it more difficult for persons engaged in the unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine within the Osage Nation to possess its essential ingredient ephedrine;

4. To include ephedrine and its variants within the listing of controlled dangerous substances which are banned from the Osage Nation;

5. To amend Section 5-140 of the Osage Criminal Code1 to provide increased penalties for possession, manufacturing, transportation, sale, use, trade, or delivery of ephedrine and its variants and to further define the exception;

16 ONC § 5-140.

6. To make it unlawful to defraud or cause deceitful results in drug testing or screening within the Osage Nation; and

7. To create the Osage Nation Anti-Methamphetamine Joint Task Force. ONCA 07-04, eff. Nov. 15, 2006.