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A. Upon the preliminary investigation of any crime involving domestic abuse, rape, forcible sodomy or stalking, it shall be the duty of the first law enforcement officer who interviews the victim of the domestic abuse, rape, forcible sodomy or stalking to inform the victim of specific rights.

B. The notice shall consist of handing such victim the following statement:

As a victim of domestic abuse, rape, forcible sodomy or stalking, you have certain rights. These rights are as follows:

1. The right to request that charges be pressed against your assailant;

2. The right to request protection from any harm or threat of harm arising out of your cooperation with law enforcement and prosecution efforts as far as facilities are available and to be provided with information on the level of protection available;

3. The right to be informed of financial assistance and other social services available as a result of being a victim, including information on how to apply for the help and services; and

4. The right to file a petition for a protective order or, when the domestic abuse occurs when the Court is not open for business, to request an emergency temporary protective order.

ONCA 24-47, eff. Apr. 19, 2024.