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A. Pleadings in criminal proceedings shall consist of the complaint or citation and the plea of either guilty, nolo contendere or not guilty. All other pleas and motions shall be made in accordance with this Title.

B. Motions raising defenses and objections may be made as follows:

1. Any defenses or objections which are capable of determination other than at trial may be raised before trial by motion;

2. Defenses and objections based on defects in the institution of the prosecution of the complaint other than it fails to show jurisdiction in the Court or fails to charge an offense may be raised on motion only before trial or such shall be deemed waived, unless the Court, for good cause shown, grants relief from such waiver. Lack of jurisdiction or failure to charge an offense may be raised as a defense or noticed by the Court on its own motion at any stage of the proceedings;

3. If a motion is decided against a defendant, the trial shall proceed as if no motion were made. If a motion is decided in favor of a defendant, the Judge shall alter the proceedings, allow an interlocutory appeal to be taken as provided in the Appellate Rules or enter judgment as is appropriate in light of the decision.