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A. The Police or Prosecutor shall, upon request, permit the defendant or his or her attorney to inspect and copy any statements or confessions, or copies thereof, made by the defendant if such are within the possession or control of or reasonably obtainable by the Police or Prosecutor. The Police and Prosecutor shall make similarly available copies of reports of physical, mental or scientific tests or examinations relating to or done on the defendant.

B. The defendant or his or her attorney shall reveal by written notice to the Court and the Prosecutor per the Court’s order, the names and addresses of any witnesses upon whom the defense intends to rely to provide an alibi or insanity defense for the defendant. Failure to provide such notice will prevent the use of such witnesses by the defendant unless it can be shown by the defense that prior notice was impossible or that no prejudice to the prosecution has resulted, in which case the Judge may order the trial delayed or make such orders as tend to assure a just determination of the case.