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Sentence shall be set forth as follows:

A. Sentence shall be imposed without unreasonable delay in accordance with the provisions of the criminal statute violated, and this Title. Pending sentence, the Court may commit the defendant to jail or continue or alter the bail. Before imposing sentence, the Court shall allow counsel an opportunity to speak on behalf of the defendant and shall address the defendant personally and ask him if he or she wishes to make a statement on his or her own behalf and to present any information in mitigation of punishment.

B. After imposing sentence, the Court shall inform the defendant of his or her right to appeal, and if so requested, shall direct the Clerk to file a Notice of Appeal on behalf of the defendant. At any time after a Notice of Appeal is filed, the Court may entertain a motion to set bail pending appeal.

C. Time served in jail prior to the judgment and sentence while awaiting or during trial shall be allowed as a credit toward any sentence of imprisonment or banishment imposed.