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A. To be eligible for Osage Nation Member Regional Gathering funds, the following conditions must be met:

1. A letter request signed by at least twenty (20) Osage members residing within a one hundred (100) mile geographic radius area (“the region”) shall be submitted to the Constituent Services Office of the Osage Nation Executive Branch at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date of the gathering which acknowledges that the signors understand the purpose of and request gathering funds.

2. No less than fourteen (14) days prior to the gathering, a request must be sent to the Constituent Services Office of the Osage Nation Executive Branch stating name, the date, time and address of the gathering, the owner/lessor of the place (the “meeting space”) of the gathering, and a detailed budget. The request must also include the name, address and telephone and email contact of one Osage Nation member (“the organizer”) residing within the region who will be responsible for receiving and disbursing the funds in accordance with the submitted budget.

3. Funds requested can only be used to host gatherings of Osage Nation members, visiting Osages, and their invitees. No elected official, judge or justice subject to retention, appointed officials, executive staff appointee or exempt appointed official of the Nation may be the organizer of the gathering or direct the agenda.

4. All gatherings must be open for attendance by all Osage people and their invitees wherever they reside, and notice of the date, time and place of the gathering shall be noticed and otherwise comply with 15 ONC § 7-101 et al., the Osage Open Meetings Act. Additionally, notice of the meeting shall be submitted to the Osage Nation Communications Officer for posting on the Osage website at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting.

5. Guest speakers may be invited and receive an honorarium not to exceed Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350.00) from these funds. Osage Nation officials and employees are not eligible to receive an honorarium.

6. All requests must certify that the organizer shall be responsible for ensuring that all financial commitments associated with the gathering will be fulfilled, and release the Osage Nation from any liability associated with the gathering.

7. Nation-owned property that is not available for public meeting space does not qualify as “meeting space” for the purposes of this Act.

8. Annually, the organizer of the regional gathering shall provide information to the Constituent Services Office that confirms attendance at the meeting by at least twenty (20) persons, and other information that bears on the meeting and outreach to Osage members. ONCA 18-23, eff. Apr. 30, 2018.