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A. Requests shall be processed and the organizer notified of approval within ten (10) business days of receipt. All monetary funds awarded pursuant to this Act must be expended in conformity with this law and the budget submitted with the request.

B. Requests may be submitted by email scan, fax or regular mail to the Constituent Services Office and shall be received and reviewed for completeness and approval by an Osage Nation Executive Branch Constituent Services Office employee within ten (10) business days of receipt. Requests that comply with Sections 6-102 and 6-103 of this Title may not be denied for any reason other than a previous exhaustion of appropriated funds on the date of the request.

C. Funds awarded will be made payable as directed by the organizer and be accompanied by award letter which shall plainly state that violation of this Act or failure to comply with the provisions of this Act will cause the violator to be subject to an action for fines, to recoup funds expended in violation of Osage law, and any additional penalties imposed by Osage law. ONCA 18-23, eff. Apr. 30, 2018.