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A. Persons desiring to be married under Osage law shall submit an application in writing signed and sworn to in person before the Clerk of the Trial Court by both of the parties setting forth:

1. Each party’s place of residence;

2. Each party’s full name and age as the same appear upon a certified copy of birth certificate, a current motor vehicle operator’s, chauffeur’s or commercial license, a current voter’s registration certificate, a current passport or visa, or any other certificate, license or document issued by or existing pursuant to the laws of any nation or of any state or other governmental subdivision thereof accepted as proof of identity and age; and

3. That the parties are not disqualified from or incapable of entering into the marriage relation.

B. Upon application pursuant to this section and the payment of fees, if the Clerk of the Trial Court is satisfied of the truth and sufficiency of such application and that there is no legal impediment to such marriage, the Clerk shall issue the license authorizing the marriage.

C. In the event that one or both of the parties are under legal age and a parent or guardian of the underage party or other authorized person has not signed the waiver as provided for in this Act, the application shall have been on file in the Court Clerk’s office for a period of not less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to issuance of the marriage license.

D. The marriage license shall be valid in any area of jurisdiction within the Osage Nation.

E. The provisions hereof are mandatory and not directory except under the circumstances set out in the provisions of 9 ONC § 2-107. ONCA 12-53, eff. Apr. 19, 2012.