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The Clerk of the Trial Court shall make a complete record of the application, license, and certificate thereon, in connected form, each subjoining the other on an optical disc, computer file, microfilm, microfiche, or in a book kept by the Court Clerk for that purpose, properly indexed; and the record of the license shall be made before it is delivered to the person procuring the same, and the record of the certificate shall be made upon the return of the license; provided, that all records pertaining to the issuance of such license shall be open to public inspection during office hours; provided further, that after recording of the original license and completed certificate as hereinbefore required, it shall be returned to the persons to whom the same was issued, with the issuing officer’s certificate on the back thereof showing the book and page where the same has been recorded. ONCA 12-53, eff. Apr. 19, 2012.