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In all actions for divorce or for legal separation, the petition or cross-petition shall allege the cause relied upon as nearly as possible in the language of the statute and without detailed statement of facts. If the opposing party desires a statement of the facts relied upon, the same shall be furnished to him by the petitioner or cross-petitioner in a bill of particulars. A copy of this bill of particulars shall be furnished to the Court and shall constitute the allegations of fact on behalf of the party filing such bill, upon which such action is to be tried. The statements therein shall be regarded as being denied by the adverse party, except as they may be admitted. The bill of particulars shall not be filed with the Court Clerk nor become a part of the records of the Court, but if the action be appealed, and the question sought to be reviewed relates to the facts set forth in the bill of particulars, it shall be embodied in the original record or case made for the Osage Nation Supreme Court. ONCA 12-53, eff. Apr. 19, 2012.